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Are you privileged enough to wake up in a home or apartment with readily available drinking water, cabinets and a refrigerator full of good foods to eat? If you answered yes, then you are very fortunate.

The abject impoverished in many developing countries are without adequate drinking water, food, medical care, and proper sewage/Waste disposal. The hard truth is, world poverty is not on the decline as the poorest in these countries often do not benefit from economic growth due to inequalities such as access to basic schooling and job training. We can change this one village at a time.  Become a part of something greater than the self; global reach community giving.  Give hope to those who have been left hopeless.  Your donations go directly to projects that aid those in need.

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Children Collecting Shells At A Local Beach

Children Help To Make Ends Meet By Collecting Shells To Sell.

Make Every Step That Children Take Count

An early helping hand goes a long way to a successful future.

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