Donate To Provide Clean Drinking Water

Gathering Water From Stream A Family Affair

It is through your contribution that you can directly impact the lives of someone less fortunate than you. We know times are tough for some, but imagine your everyday life burdened with obtaining the simple things in life that we all take for granted. When you turn on your faucet or go to your frig to get a glass of water think on those who have to trek down to a lake or other water source and retrieve water by bucket or pot for their households. This is a daily chore for children and young adults who do not have access to clean drinking water. By your contribution, we can at least ensure that clean drinking water is steps away from their homes.

In Search of Drinking Water...

Girls Gathering Water Together
Water Pan Loaded For The Younger Child
Older Girl Helping Load Water Pan On Younger Child's Head
Young Girl Carries Water Pan On Head
Girls Filling Their Buckets To The Top With Stream Water
Girl Carrying Water Pan
Girls Finished Gathering Water For Family

Help a child focus on studies instead of the basic necessities in life.